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At Exerica we believe the capacity of the Artificial Intelligence underpinning our approach is so transformational, and the operational refinement so well advanced, that we think it is time for potential users to get a chance to use it and to really experience what Exerica can enable – unrivalled data integrity, at the click of a mouse.

We are unveiling Exerica’s core API – with a free trial……….

Exerica’s core API, provides access to our data sets.  With our next generation Artificial Intelligence, it is designed to identify the analytical meaning and context of numerical data – and especially company reports and press releases, and economic statements and statistical releases.

The algorithms driving Exerica link data points across time (enabling time series comparison and evaluation for a particular company or data publisher) and sector (enabling comparisons across different companies/data publishers) and provide access to vast data sets of corporate and statistical data.

We are providing an opportunity for users to deploy Exerica – to connect it with their existing models, possibly create new models, to experiment with it, and to really get a feel for it. We believe Exerica can largely sell itself.

To take part in this trial Users only need to create an account at to get free access to original company reports (including press releases and presentations), data sets, analytics and projections on ~1000 global companies.  All data can be accessed via the Exerica Web Application  – a complete operational tool for the whole system. The API is currently available for testing at and has a detailed description here.  It offers access to our database on a much greater scale than the current MS Excel plugin.

We are proud of this tool, which the Exerica team has developed over the last four years. We believe it will be of immense value to particular data users, and will free them from tedious hours of sourcing, extracting and double checking data.


Those who we hope will take the opportunity to try Exerica include:-

  • Risk Managers. – The primary users of large corporate data sets, and generally having the primary responsibility for monitoring portfolio performance and aggregate risks. Existing data providers are very expensive, but the data they provide still often lacks consistency, accuracy, and scale, and is all too often and is often out of date by the time it is made available. Exerica addresses these challenges with ease and Exerica has particularly successful client experience in this field.
  • Financial analysts.  –  Data Sets API addresses the daily routine of all financial analysts, of spreading numbers in Excel. Updating financial models is notorious for the amount of manual input required on a quarterly/monthly basis. Exerica Excel plugin offers a smarter faster and more accurate solution, with the API taking data availability to the next level, enabling access via VBA macros.
  • Bankers. – Face the same challenges as financial analysts when preparing and updating their pitch decks. While existing data providers generally meet the business objectives, Exerica can provide better service in terms of quality and immediate data availability.
  • Quantitative traders. – Data Sets API delivers corporate data faster than any other data providers (obviously including XBRL) simply because we do not rely on manual input. Within minutes of new data being released (be it a quarterly announcement, an annual report, a company presentation, or simply a press release) Exerica users can access updated numbers – structured, accurate and strictly in accordance with your needs.
  • Scholars. – Exerica makes data mining easier, faster, and multiplies the scope of data mining. The Exerica team are lifelong devotees of financial and economic research in particular, and we love to see how Exerica can empower science, scholars, and academic and research data needs.  We also love learning from these endeavours, and what they can bring to Exerica. If you have a thought or idea on how data enabled by Exerica may transform your research please contact us and we will be happy to see how we can help.


Exerica Chief Technology Officer, Mikhail Lepeshkin, says that a long period of development has brought the operational aspects of Exerica to a level of maturity where the time is right to give data users and researchers the chance to put Exerica into operation.

“We are very confident that we have the system architecture where we want it and we are very confident of a straightforward user experience, in the type of workplaces, and in the types of applications where our clients are finding real value in using Exerica.  We have, of course, the seamless integration with Excel, the front end SPA, and the API really working well.  It has been a major operational challenge making it all work, and no doubt there will be challenges ahead, but I think that users who have no familiarity with just how easy Exerica can make data extraction and verification, will be very, very impressed. I am proud of what we have achieved and I think the time is right to take it to the next level of public awareness.  A free trial will give us the chance to let Exerica potentially sell itself, but it will also give us the opportunity to confirm just how robust the system we have developed actually is.”

Exerica Chief Executive Officer, Maxim Miller, added that the ability of Exerica to free up the data verification and extraction process, was only just starting to become well understood, and that greater exposure would contribute to industry transformation.

“The whole idea of Exerica in the beginning was about making financial and economic research easier.  Our experience is that in that environment it is already making a big workplace difference, and is freeing up time for modellers and researchers in particular. We already have clients telling us that there are significant savings to be made in the time taken by analysts to do their analysis – and for nearly all of our clients time is money.  The first to identify opportunities in the marketplace is the first to make a move and Exerica opens up a whole new paradigm in terms of the time and opportunity, and for our clients to be able to go to their clients, which, in turn, expedites the whole investment process.  But what I like most of all is that Exerica liberates some very smart people from having to spend a lot of time going through reports and statements and copying and pasting into excel.  And I know, first hand, how much this means in financial and economic analysis in particular.”


About Exerica:  Exerica is an application of Artificial Intelligence which is now transforming financial economic and statistical research and analysis, to enable ‘Unrivalled Data Integrity’ at the click of a mouse.  For more information

Media enquiries:  James Blake, Exerica Communications

Maxim Miller
January 18, 2021