Exerica signs cooperation with Climate Governance Initiative Russia on climate data analysis

Exerica is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the Climate Governance Initiative Russia of the World Economic Forum – Climate Governance Initiative, the Director’s climate forum established by the WEF for board members. It operates in all G20 countries.

The Cooperation Agreement between Exerica and CGI Russia envisages joint efforts to create an analytical database for international and Russian companies to monitor measure and evaluate ‘climate change corporate governance’ which will result in company data becoming incorporated into a national database a national impact on addressing climate change.

Exerica CEO, Maxim Miller said that the cooperation agreement will see Exerica take many of the approaches to accessing and verifying financial and economic data, and be able to redeploy these into the field of climate monitoring and carbon generation. It will provide a new field for expertise in data integrity and the ability to extract large volumes of data from a diverse array of publications, public and private, which could be expected to grow significantly in coming years.


About Exerica: Exerica is a provider of AI-based analytical software that extracts and identifies meaning and context of data in financial and statistical documents. It makes manual data entry redundant to take financial analysis capacity to the next generation. For more information

Media enquiries: James Blake, Exerica Communications

February 3, 2021