Financial Analysis At Unimaginable Speed And Scope

Exerica is a unique AI that extracts and identifies meaning and context of data in financial and statistical documents. It makes manual data entry redundant to take financial analysis capacity to the next generation.

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Our Solution


    Exerica can work with almost any financial document in any readable format - from IFRS reports to trading updates and presentations. We extract all numerical data from notes and disclosures in financial reports — no matter where and in what form they are presented.


    Your spreadsheet will be fully updated within minutes after a fresh company report is out.


    Exerica compromises on nothing. You will continue to work with MS Excel and a PDF viewer as usual. Nothing changes in the way you do your analysis except that the original report becomes interactive and gets connected to your spreadsheet.


Special Features


Exerica removes human error risk and updates spreadsheets with mathematical precision. We guarantee that all of your adjustments and all your ratios will be calculated exactly the way you intend.


We extract all numerical data from notes and disclosures in financial reports — no matter where and in what form they are presented. Our mathematical algorithms then link the different pieces of data together to construct a single hierarchical data structure for each company.


Unique solution enables seamless two way communication between original reports and MS Excel allowing users to check, validate and manipulate data as if the report was on the your desk in front of you.


We can install a separate data storage and our processing platform in a specified location for you to process non-public and confidential documents. This can be managed separately from Exerica’s cloud database.


Exerica downloads publicly available reports on its own and processes and stores it in a cloud easily accessible from any MS Excel application with the installed plug-in.


Get analytical insights in real time. Reference original publications in your communications.

Meet our team

We are a team of financial analysts and computer scientists, bringing together the best from our respective industries to deliver a truly innovative solution to the age old problem of data extraction for research and financial modelling.

  • "EXERICA seeks to transform the financial research industry, cut costs and streamline processes. Like any new technology it will disrupt the industry, change the marketplace, and provide an edge for early adopters. Yet, EXERICA is about crafting positive change - empowering, inspiring, and freeing people to be at their best, rather than replacing them, liberating intellect from repetitive drudgery."


  • “It all started with a bunch of brilliant computer scientists trying to figure out the best way to link data points in random financial reports. The task looked horribly complicated as each report had its own formatting, style and corporate language. Looking for key word matches to identify meaning and context was not an option. Even the most advanced algorithms still struggle to understand the basics of human languages let alone financial slang and the byzantine complexity of the markets.”


  • “The Eureka moment came when we found that numerical information in financial reports is usually presented in form of sums and breakdowns with data points forming mathematical relationships. When every number relates to every other number, data integrity becomes much simpler, and data points can be mapped. We no longer looked for the right number in a 100-page report. Instead, we looked for a data point in the context of dozens or even hundreds of other numbers related to each other in a unique way.”

    R&D Director

  • “Exerica is all about time – and giving it back to you if you are any form of financial analyst, or someone using financial modelling reliant on data. Because data is what we are all about! Getting the data, checking the data, and getting the right data into your financial models as quickly and simply as possible.”

    Alexander Kudrin
    Strategic Advisor

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