Exerica as a tool

Exerica offers full access to its web application and the database as part of its private cloud and on-premise solutions.

Document storage and management system

On self-managed infrastructure – whether on-premises or in the cloud – users work with their own instance of Exerica’s MongoDB database which is designed to store client’s documents and the structured numerical data extracted from them.

Exerica web application

Exerica’s web application is a complete operational tool for the whole system. It includes:

  • A fast and easy way to search for publishers/companies and their documents, with rich filters (by industry, geographies, domicile, tickers and more).
  • A simple one-click document upload interface.
  • Raw tabular data extraction and editing.
  • Tools for controlling data quality and identifying data anomalies.
  • Single point access to multiple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions.
  • Main page

  • Company search

  • Document search


Excel plug-in

The Exerica excel plug-in is a light add-on for Microsoft Excel which feeds data sets to the users spreadsheet and, uniquely, links it to the original documents where the date is sourced from.