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Exerica Joins J.P. Morgan In-Residence Program

The Agreement envisages the application of Exerica AI systems within J.P. Morgan Investment Bank, and the refinement and

Excel and Angular web app integration for interactive data-binding

At Exerica we needed to give Excel users the ability to work with a rich and functional interface.

October 22, 2020

Exerica Nuggets – The curious case of Lippo Malls Retail Trust

It is not uncommon for Exerica AI to discover references and anomalies in data which are not immediately visible to a

October 7, 2020

Exerica makes working with foreign languages easy

Foreign language documentation is always a factor for cross-border investing with many companies releasing their financials

August 11, 2020

AI-powered text search

It is not just repetitive data input that takes up a lot of an Analyst’s time, but also the data search itself. Trying

March 4, 2020

Data delivered in seconds

It normally takes between one to five minutes to process a document with Exerica’s algorithms. As part of the automated

February 26, 2020

Free intellect for strategy and creativity

EXERICA is a radical new solution to the age old problem of data extraction for financial modelling.

May 6, 2019