Data delivered in seconds

It normally takes between one to five minutes to process a document with Exerica’s algorithms. As part of the automated pipeline all numerical data gets extracted, analysed and structured to make it available to end-users via our API and Excel plugin.

The key processes are these:-

  1. Optical recognition is the greatest variable in the process. It usually takes a few seconds to extract text from a pdf with a text layer (which is the vast majority of financial publications these days) but may take a few minutes to process scanned images.
  2. Extraction of numerical data and its context involves analysis of the document structure and tables.
  3. Extraction of dates utilizes Exerica’s proprietary Natural Language Processing engine to parse financial slang and special terminology to extract fiscal dates for the text.
  4. Establishing links between numerical data points inside the document.
  5. Establishing links between datapoints in different documents of the same company/publisher – first based on the high confidence numerical context and then based in the linguistic context.
  6. Saving the data sets into the database.

Maxim Miller
February 26, 2020