Copying data to Excel

Single data point drag-and-drop

Exerica web app enables the user to extract any data point in the document by selecting it with mouse and dropping it anywhere outside the browser window. The default drag-n-drop payload contains the web link referencing the data point. If it is dropped into a cell in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the the Exerica add-in installed, the link would be transformed into an ExrcP() formula referencing the same data point.

It is recommended that Exerica users use at least two monitors when working with Exerica in Excel. When using a single monitor, switch between open applications by using the shortcut “Alt+Tab”.


Copying a table or its part

To enable the table copy-paste function make sure the Excel connection switch in the top right corner of Exerica PDF viewer is red.

Click and drag the left mouse button to draw a rectangle in the  Exerica PDF viewer to capture data points for copying. After releasing the mouse button all the selected data points in the rectangle will be copied into the clipboard.  These can be consequently pasted into a spreadsheet as with copied cells in Excel.


Clicking on data points

To enable the data point click  function make sure both the Excel connection switch is red and the bell next to it is green  in the top right corner of Exerica PDF viewer. In this mode, a mouse click on any data point would result in the respective ExrcP() formula being inserted into the selected cell of your active Excel spreadsheet. Please be careful when using this function as the newly inserted formulas cannot be removed by simply keying Ctrl+Z.


Single vs. multiple monitors

Using more than one monitor enables easier working with the green light bell, as this facilitates displaying the report on one monitor and the Excel spreadsheet on the other. Conversely single monitor use is facilitated by alternating between tabs using the “Alt+Tab” shortcut.

December 20, 2020