Exerica AI powers corporate climate action tracker

Exerica team has been spending a lot of effort to collect ESG-related data for our clients and we have decided to publish some of our corporate environmental data here at

Data about greenhouse gas emissions and stated goals is what is important in addressing global climate change.  Data from companies is incredibly important in mapping where we, the human race, are going in terms of addressing climate change.

The initial rollout is every company on the S&P 500 Index and we keep adding other global corporates to this public list as our database expands. For every company ESG–Exerica provides all the data sets on GHG emissions and carbon intensity, and maps this with the stated climate goals with easy-to-understand charts showing the trajectory of the company response.

ESG–Exerica is distinctive because it is free and enables tracking corporate climate action and companies’ progress on climate goals. As with Exerica financial data all ESG–Exerica climate data is traceable to its source – right down to a specific line in the original publication – unrivalled data integrity!

With this format we believe we produce the data of exceptional quality and make it usable by everyday people – and of course investors – to identify what impact their investment positions imply for the planet.

Exerica leverages its proprietary AI engine to sift through thousands of corporate publications and regulatory disclosures. The current set of collected data includes all the mandatory SFDR metrics as well as details on stated climate goals and risk management. That said, the automation of the data acquisition enables an expanded range of metrics (regardless of whether these are quantitative and qualitative) and an exceptionally low cost. By all means, feel free to reach out to us at with any ESG-related research / collaboration initiatives or any other data collection requests.

Maxim Miller
March 13, 2022