A report is a PDF, image or HTML document uploaded to the Exerica database.

Exerica can work with the vast majority of documents used in the financial world. At the moment, our database is primarily filled with corporate publications, mainly quarterly and annual statements, which have largely been by our current client requests.

We use our proprietary and a range of third-party OCR engines to extract the text layer from images and scanned documents. For PDFs with a text layer, we rely on proprietary solutions based on PDFBox and PDF.js libraries.


Data point

A data point is any number in a pdf, image or HTML document uploaded to the Exerica database. Each data point is assigned a unique ID via a single mouse click on the particular number in the pdf viewer available at our web interface

For example, a click on a number in Ooredo’s FY2014 company report (seen in the screenshot below) reveals its ID in the web-link of the browser address bar, and in Exerica’s web interface analytical view on the right-hand side. This ID can consequently be used as an input for DATA SETS API to obtain any other values in the data set which the initial number is part of.


Data set

A data set is a full analytically consistent time series of numbers reported in publications of a company on a regular basis.

At Exerica, data sets are not limited to the headline numbers like “Revenue”, “Total Assets” or “Net Profit”. You can pick virtually any data point from anywhere in the company report (press releases, investor presentations and the like) and get the full data set (i.e. the full time series containing the chosen data point) immediately –  via API, in the Exerica web application and MS Excel.


Data update frequency

We aim to upload company publications (and update all the data sets covered in such publications) within a day of their appearance in the public domain (on the company IR website or any other accepted source of company info).

Exerica is capable of delivering data within  seconds of publication. We currently provide this service to select clients on a limited set of companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think you would benefit for a high-speed delivery of data – ahead of any competitors!


December 20, 2020