Exerica to become data heart of Impak Ratings

Exerica will become part of impak, the Canada based impact ratings agency backed by Societe Generale and Altalurra Ventures after an agreement reached in November 2022.  The move will see the Exerica team, systems and AI boost impak’s data collection and analysis operations.  Impak is also set to benefit from a permanent foothold in the UK, a rapidly expanding market due to a growing demand for sustainable financial products and planned implementation of more stringent ESG reporting regulations.

Exerica CEO, Maxim Miller said this step represented considerable overlap in the philosophies and attitudes of the two teams, coupled with complementary skills set. With more than 5 years of steady growth in impact investment and analysis impak has a strong appreciation for the data extraction and analysis capabilities the Exerica team has developed.  Bringing those capability suites and experience into a single team will further hone the awareness of both analysis and data compilation opportunities, and emerging trends, philosophies, and perspectives.

The complete Exerica team is delighted to focus their skills, systems, and knowledge to the vital cause of addressing the ESG pitfalls and ensuring that finance is sustainable. Indeed, impak differentiates itself by adopting their rigorous double materiality approach, based on the standards of the Impact Management Project and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – something that the major ESG rating agencies have never tried to do.  Boris Couteaux, partner at impak, explains that “ESG, by design, is helpless if we are serious about achieving any of our societal goals as materialized in the SDGs. In order to do so, we need contextualised (positive and negative) impact data based on a double materiality approach and covering the entire scope defined under all of the 17 SDGs.”

Miller added that the integration of Exerica into impak was personally satisfying for the Exerica team, reflective of their focus and skills, and an opportunity to make a difference for the betterment of humanity.

“I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Exerica has become part of impak.  Impak is now growing very rapidly on the back of significant client interest, and demand for the analysis it undertakes.  The financial world is embracing impact investment and is more able to engage with a data backed and measurable analytical framework, which overcomes the widespread wariness about the ESG.  This means that the Exerica journey remains the same, and it is particularly gratifying that investors will now be integrating impact analysis based on high quality contextualised data – something the Exerica team is recognised for its excellence in delivering.”

Maxim Miller
November 6, 2022